Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 11   1 comment

Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 11

The one oneness became many.
This created separation.
Each of the many was a separation.
Separations formed pods.
Pods formed their own songs.
Pods formed their own identities.
Pods formed their own universes.

Time is necessary for the formation of universes,
But time is not the same in every universe.
Time is only a result of the rules of the universe:
The nature of the song.

Songs are distinct.
Songs are individual.
Songs are separate.
There are an infinite number of songs.
There are an infinite variety of songs.

Songs can be combined.
Songs can be combined to create a song.
All songs are distinct, individual and separate.

Songs can be within songs.
A song can be within a song that it contains.
All reality is simply songs.


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  1. Really like this poem. Great work here.

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