Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 13   Leave a comment

Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 13

Separation is an idea.
Ideas can be significant
Ideas can be strong.
Ideas can overwhelm.
Ideas can exist,
continue, evolve, devolve, create new ideas.
Ideas can start.
Ideas can stop.
Actions can start.
Action can stop.

Separations formed pods.
Pods formed universes
With an unperceivable
number of separations came an unperceivable number of universes.

This universe is but
one of many.
This universe started
after many other universes started.
This universe
continues after many other universes have ended.
This universe will

This world is but one
of many.
This world started
after many other worlds started.
This world continues
after many other worlds have ended.
This world will end.


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