Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 15   Leave a comment

Beluga Scripture, Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 15

There are many universes.
The universe is an idea.
Everything in a universe is an idea.

There are many different possible ideas.
The song is a special case of an idea.

Some universes are composed of only songs.
This allows that universe to be a playground
That all players can understand and perceive
Even if they do not understand and perceive the songs
That compose the playground.

What one perceives in this universe
Are the combinations of songs and copies of songs in this universe.
There is nothing else to this universe.

Can one perceive all individual songs and all individual copies of songs?
One cannot perceive all individual songs and all individual copies of songs.
That is what allows this universe to be the universe that it is.


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