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Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 1

Before singing,
Before sound,
Before water,
Before Upper Sky,
Before time and energy itself,
There was one oneness.  

This one oneness was everything.
This one oneness was nothing. 
It had no form, size, length, duration, or anything else. 
It was just one oneness.
And it was especially one oneness.

With one oneness, there was no discord, no dissent, no distinction and no distance.
There was only one oneness. 
And all there was was one oneness.

There was no misunderstanding. 
There were no problems.
There was no birth,
There was no death and
There was no change.

There was only the one oneness.

And one oneness,
Capable of anything,
Invented the concept of the idea.

And from the idea of the idea came the idea of creating ideas.

As an idea was created it was understood. 
As an idea was understood it had no purpose or place without action.

And so action was created as an idea.

And any idea could be represented as an action idea.

And because there was no boundary or limits to the one oneness,
All ideas could be created and understood.

And the most interesting idea was the idea of play.

And for there to be play, there could no longer be one oneness. 
There had to be players. 
And the more players there were the more instances of play.

And thus the one oneness became many. 

This created separation.

And each of the many was a separate separation. 

And now that there was separation, play could commence.

All pure play was song. 
Song was play and
Play was song.

Each song could be the same,
But for songs to be different,
Separations had to assume an identity.

And with each identity came individual songs.

And each identity was responsible for songs and
Each song was responsible for identity.

Each separation was highly entertained with exchanging songs.

However with identity came pride, self-awareness and esteem.

And it came about that identities soon engaged in impressing other identities in order to feel important or, in other words, more different.

And appreciation and admiration was an admission that this identity was different than another.

And separations began to strive to create special songs to emphasize the individual identity and receive appreciation and admiration.


Posted July 20, 2011 by belugabeliefs

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