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Ikap Cetus, Hymnic 5

The one oneness was everything.
Nothing was greater than the one oneness.
Nothing was less than the one oneness.
The one oneness became many.
Each separation was like the one oneness, except separate.
No separation was greater than any other separation.
No separation was lesser than any other separation.
Nothing distinguished separation from separation.
Each separation was as if any other separation.
A separation could act in any way.
And how one separation chose to act
Could differ
From how any other separation chose to act.
From a pattern of actions, a separation established an identity.
A separation could assume identity at choice.
A separation could change identity at choice.
With interaction, attention was on how one separation acted.
It could act the same as another separation.
It could approximately act the same.
It could almost act the same.
Attention was on the perceived identity.
Attention was on how an identity was perceived.
With the creation of time,
A separation could sing the song sung by another separation
At a later point in time.
With the creation of time,
A separation could sing the song sung by another separation
At an earlier point in time.
It could imitate in unison.
It could imitate at some point in time after or before.
It could interact with another identity.
It could interact with many identities.
Interactions could be the same.
Interactions could be different.
With similar interactions, came expectation.
With diverging interactions, came surprise.

With time, there was a reference of past interactions.
With time, there was the expectation for future interactions.
With interaction, expectation and surprise,
There was agreement;
There was disagreement;
There was preference.
With agreement, disagreement and preference there was desire.


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