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Since the beginning of the Beluga’s Whale’s “Age of the Second Retreat”, there have been myths, tales and reports of Unidentified Floating Objects, commonly known as UFOs.

It is an important part of the Beluga Beliefs and as such is widely ridiculed.

Though UFOs are often explained away as various types of land debris, for Belugas, UFOs are “vessels” of Huh-Muh-Sa.  They are portrayed as small to very large objects created by Huh-Muh-Sa to float on the ocean for various purposes.  Huh-Muh-Sa uses such objects to journey distances from one area of land to another or for play, conflict or exploration.  (Clearly it’s hard to understand how being contained in some large object, floating on the water, yet separated from that water, is play by any definition, but consider the nature of Huh-Muh-Sa as explained by the Belugas:  a creature that swims poorly, if at all, and has an obsessive tendency to always try to do those things Huh-Muh-Sa is poorly suited to attempt.   Based on this premise, Huh-Muh-Sa, a creature that shouldn’t be in the ocean, gets some thrill or pleasure when pretending to be a water beast.)

All whale species, without exception, have their stories of UFOs, but the Belugas not only have direct references to UFOs in their “modern-age” scripture, but have policies around dealing with UFOs and a wealth of additional declarations about the nature, purpose and classifications of UFOs.  In addition to the common term of UFO, which whales commonly use to classify all such unexplained phenomena,  Belugas have the concept of USOs, Unidentified Submerged Objects and UFSOs, objects that float and sink as determined by Huh-Muh-Sa.

Soon to be included in this section are Beluga stories of UFO’s being used for Huh-Muh-Sa’s entertainment and transportation, UFO’s and UFSO’s used for the purposes of creating conflict between Huh-Muh-Sa tribes and “nations”, UFO’s used to hunt whales and seals for food, and UFOs  and USOs used to capture whales, dolphins, porpoises and other sea life to display in Huh-Muh-Sa’s recently created micro-oceans or micro-seas to satisfy Huh-Muh-Sa’s peculiar voyeurism.

These are some of the strangest of any cetacean beliefs of the “modern-age” era.


Posted July 23, 2011 by belugabeliefs

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